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Saturday, February 02, 2008

1936 Aluminum Bike on ebay

1936 Wards Hawthorne Duralium Boy's Bicycle in original, un-restored condition

This is a boy's 24" bicycle with features such as deluxe battery operated horn and light. Click to enlargeThe aluminum finish as you can see from the photographs is in beautiful condition. The chrome finish on the bars and the fender horn is lightly pitted but apart from that this bicycle is in wonderful shape. The horn button is attached to the bar but no wires are connected underneath that I can see. The saddle is in fair condition. The leather is a bit hard but easily restored to soft condition.
The tires and tubes are not original. The original tires and tubes were just to dried out to save but I retained the valve stem caps from the originals.

The rubber front fender flap is detached and will require repair to reinstall but the rubber is not hardened too badly so the original can be restored. The front fender deluxe horn-light is missing the glass lens cover. The rear reflector is perfect.
The rear fender has a few small dents but no deep scratches or damage. Front same, very few slight dents.

I removed the original battery cells as they were leaking badly and didn't want the acid to ruin the bike. It appears as though the wires at the battery top near the switch have been cut off but the braided cover for the wires is intact. D Cells can be used instead of lead acid cells in the battery holder. The Elgin speedo works beautifully and shows 576.9 miles. Hubs are New Departure Model D. The bike rides wonderfully although I have used it only very little.

Winning bid: US $1200.00



Blogger phlegmfatale said...

That's a sweet ride-- really pretty.

9:10 AM  
Blogger lee n. field said...

What would the metallurgy have been like, 70 years ago?

Is this something you would dare ride now?

10:11 AM  

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