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Friday, February 01, 2008

AK-47 Kaboom

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OpenID tomcatshanger said...

Try the original liveleak version.


9:20 AM  
Blogger Joker23 said...

"We're sorry, this video is no longer available"

Anyone have another source?

9:57 AM  
OpenID mopar said...

"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We're sorry, this video is no longer available" (on YouTube). You can still find it here - http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b9c_1201440552

2:24 PM  
Blogger Less said...

From a reliable source:

"It is because of Kurdish made ammo for the Iraqi military. When the Kurds found out that it was going to be used on them, they sabotaged it. That's what happened to this dude. I believe the rifle was a Hungarian SA85.

I have seen M4's kaboom before, and the operator WAS injured, despite taking safety precautions (eyes and ears). Touching off an AK round that has plastique instead of powder is a testament to the durability of the Kalashnikov system."

9:23 PM  

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