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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Colt's Delta Elite is Back!

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Word from SHOT is the 10mm Colt Delta Elite is back!

Out this year with a bull barrel, FLGR, low profile three dot sights, and wood grips. It appears to be a Series 80 gun with an extended single sided thumb safety and the duck bill grip safety. More at the 1911 forum.

I also hear Colt has a DAO New Agent.....?!!!



Blogger Heartless Libertarian said...

I already have a DE...what if I don't want a bull barrel and wood grips?

The improvements to the safeties are nice, though.

What I really want is a CZ-97 in 10mm

9:48 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Quite a SHOT Show this year. The reintroduction of the Delta Elite, Ruger selling Mini-14 20 round mags to the common folk, the ressurrection of the 5mm Magnum Rimfire, Mossberg and Henry bringing out lever action .30-30s, and S&W bringing out large bore airweights.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous cranky said...

Suddenly I am excited by this news!

But then I realized the new Delta Elite will probably cost as much as a used one.

We don't need more new 10mm pistols, we need affordable 10mm ammunition! Heeyaah!

3:45 PM  
Blogger "Gunner" said...

I want one!!! I had one back in the 1980's when they first came out. I like the idea of a bull barrel simply because I think it will hold up better to hot handloads.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous safteytom said...

This is truly a good thing. My DGC and DE are two of my favorite pistols; I only own 45 ACP pistols because 10mm brass is pricy and gets lost easily. The 10mm is accurate, powerful and versatile; doing everything the 45 will do much better.

The 10mm is a highly misunderstood pistol cartridge. I consider it the finest of the conventional handgun rounds available and the Delta series the best of the packages it comes in.

For a vaildation of the 10mm; no less an authority than Elmer Keith mentioned in his book "Sixguns" that a .40 caliber bullet of 180 - 200 grains in weight at approximatley 1200 FPS would make an ideal handgun round. That's a 10mm. Of course, Elmer wanted it in an N frame S&W wheelgun.

4:02 PM  
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