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Friday, March 14, 2008

1905 Columbia Shaft Drive

Notice something different about this bike? There is no chain. Shaft driven bicycles are not new. The unusual drivetrain offers several advantages; greater ground clearance, a drive system protected from the elements and trousers protected from the drive system. Over the years, shaft propelled bicycles re-emerge on the market, but they are a more complex system, more expensivee, and they offer the advantages at an approximate 3-5% loss of power.

Still, when I saw this restored Columbia Two Speed on ebay, with a horsehair Christy's seat, and an integral shock absorber, I was impressed. What was old becomes new again every once in a while.

Current bid: US $860.00 Reserve not met

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a freakin' thing of beauty1

8:47 AM  

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