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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Church Auction

Click to enlargeAm I the only one who finds a church auctioning a handgun named El Diablo a bit humorous?
This El Diablo was built by Gary Reeder on an Old Model Ruger Blackhawk. It is chambered in .44 Special and has the Ruger replacement parts in the action. You can read more about the El Diablo here -

Note that the base price of the gun is approximately $400 plus the cost of the conversion, making this a $1700.00 value.

Gary Reeder Customs Guns has donated this gun to raise money for our Mission to Mozambique. We will be taking a Team from our Church into Mozambique in June and working in an orphanage.

ALL MONEY FROM THIS GUN WILL GO TO THE MISSION TRIP THROUGH THE CHURCH. The winner of this auction will be able to get a tax receipt from the Church for however much over the value of the gun they bid.

The winner of this Auction will need to send a check or money order to the Church, made out to "Christ Chapel" with " Mozambique Mission" in the memo area. Please contact me for address, phone number etc.

The winner will also need to send or fax a valid copy of the FFL where the gun is to be shipped to Reeder Custom Guns.
FAX - 928-527-0840
PHONE - 928-527-4100

Upon confirmation of receipt of the money from Christ Chapel, Reeder Custom Guns will ship the revolver.

Thank you for considering this gun. The funds from it will go a long ways to help those much more unfortunate than ourselves.

Bless you.

Jim Taylor



Blogger Sailorcurt said...

I think it's an excellent way for the Church to make money and it's only humorous in the context of some modern denomination's (inaccurate, if you ask me) interpretations of self defense and the tools with which it is practiced.

Jesus himself entreated his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy swords shortly before his ascension into heaven. His point was that while he was on earth, he protected them...after his imminent departure, they'd be on their own and had better be prepared to fend for themselves.

Besides, that would make a beautiful "church gun"

11:12 PM  
Blogger Cossack in a Kilt said...

Hey, Xavier:

I know those guys, and they are fine, fine people. A while back, Jim Taylor owned www.sixgunner.com, later sold it to someone else, and is now affiliated with Paco Kelly's www.leverguns.com.

About five years ago, we did a "group buy" of custom sixguns from Gary Reeder---short tubed Blackhawks (or Vaqueros) styled as the "Sixgunner.com Limited Edition."

Reeder's got himself a sense of humor, and I'm sure that naming the sixgun "El Diablo" wasn't no accident.


9:16 AM  

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