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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Kona 88

Kona's celebrates 20 years of making great bikes with their Eighty-Eight. What better way to celebrate the past than with a retro throwback? The Eighty-Eight sports a chromoly frame with an integrated locking glovebox, full fenders and a classic strutted fork. The single-speed Shimano drivetrain uses a coaster brake just like you remember as a kid and wide, swept-back bars that keep you upright and comfortably in control. And, check out the wood-anodized rims and the beautiful, always classy Brooks saddle!
Yeah.........I want one!

I think. I'm not so sure on examining close-ups of the bike. The front fork, although strutted, seems to be a typical modern day mountain bike fork. Same goes for the stem and rear fork. The crankset, is of course, modern. The Brooks saddle is nice, but why not a Brooks suspension saddle? The Kona 88 is a nice blend of new and old, and the locking glove box is trick, but at $699, I think I will wait until this "anniversary bike" is on the old bike market........It's nice to see another cruiser with a bull bike frame though. Compare it to my Raleigh PUB.



Anonymous Susan said...

The PUB looks like it is much easier to cruise on with the laid back seat post.

9:46 AM  
Blogger conw said...

Check out the Bianchi Milano. I love mine, and it's really versatile.

I used to race high-end custom steel (Reynolds 853) bikes, and let me tell you, I enjoy riding this one a lot too.

Conwict from THR

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lindsay says . . . I bought one, and I got a great deal. This bike is incredible. I can't believe the ride. It is so easy on my knees for older people. The handle bars are what makes this bike the most intriguing mystery.
Let's think about this, if we make a bike where the handle bars are flush straight with the arms, maybe some comfort?
I have been told the driving mechanics, and chain are the cream of the crop. I am also supposed to use a special oil, otherwise it will rust.
This is one happy canadian, who can laugh at riders on those annoying cross country bikes that tear up our pristine country of wildlife, lakes, mountains and sea coasts.

6:40 PM  

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