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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mom-n-em's At It Again

Louisiana State Representative and Mom'n'em poster child Cedric Richmond (D-New Orleans) has once again introduced a ban on semi-automatic firearms, this time it is House Bill 68. He calls this bill the "Assault Weapons Protection Act", but lets be clear...... it "protects" nothing and bans lawfully owned guns, subjecting people who own banned guns to fines and imprisonment - with hard labor - for up to two years.

HB 68 would ban pump-actions as well as semi-automatics, and millions more firearms than the Clinton "assault weapons" ban of 1994-2004. Cedric's definition of "assault weapon" would include numerous autoloading and pump-action deer rifles, autoloading .22 rimfire rifles, some 19th century pistols, as well as many firearms with a "military-style appearance" used for self-defense, target shooting and hunting. He even preposterously makes the claim that these firearms are "equally as dangerous as machine guns and explosive devices." The bill goes on to ban firearm parts such as muzzle brakes, ported pistol barrels, and other commonplace firearm accessories, calling them "assault weapons conversion kits." Here is a list of just a few guns that his bill would ban:

Center Fire Rifles: Benelli R1; Browning BAR, Mark II Safari autoloaders, Browning Pump Rifle; Colt, Armalite, Les Baer, etc. Match Rifles; DSA Model SA58; Fabrique Nationale FAL; Harrington and Richardson Models 340, 360; H&K 770, 2000, SL6, SR9, 300, 630, 91, 93; Marlin Camp Carbine, Model 992; Mitchell Model LW-9; M-1 Carbine, all makes and models; Reising Model 60; Remington 7400, 740, 74, 4, 8 semi-autos; Remington Model 7600, 760 pump-actions; Ruger Deerfield, Mini-14, Ranch Rifle, Mini-30; Springfield M1A, Match, Super Match, SAR-48, SAR-4800, SAR-8; Valmet Hunter; Winchester Models 100, 1905, 1907, 1910; .22 Rimfire Rifles AMT Hunter; Anschutz Model 525 Deluxe; Armscorp Model 20C; AR-7 Explorer and Henry U.S.; Beretta Neos; Browning Buckmark; Charles Daly Field Grade, Superior Grade; CZ Model 511, 611; Daisy Models 2203, 2213; Harrington and Richardson Model 700; Ithaca X5-C, X15; Iver Johnson Trailblazer; Mauser Model 105; Mossberg Models 152, 350, 352; Reising Leatherneck; Remington Models 597, Nylon 77, 522; Ruger 10/22; Savage Models 64, 7, 1903, 1909; Marlin Models 522, 7000, 795, 795SS, 70; Thompson/Center Classic Benchmark; Weatherby Mark XXII; Winchester Models 77, 490.

Think this can't happen in Louisiana? Who would've believed that the New Orleans Police Department and other first responders to Hurricane Katrina would confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens when they needed them the most? New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (D) is on record, after a series of meetings with members of the New Orleans legislative delegation last week, as making this ban on so-called "assault weapons," a ban on your lawfully owned firearms, a priority of his administration during this current legislative session. He has been quoted as saying he will work with the National Rifle Association to craft a "workable compromise."

The NRA has said no compromise. None. More here, with info on the ballistic fingerprinting HB 75 as well as emails and phone numbers to Louisiana legislators.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evil never sleeps.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Peripatetic Engineer said...

I'm not too worried. Ex Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Ernest Wooten is chairman of the committee these bills are going to.

He has submitted a bill to allow concealed carry on college campus.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Rick R said...

Molon Labe

8:46 AM  
Anonymous DickieT said...

Xavier, please help me out. I just read the bill again and can find nothing in 40:1824 that includes rifles or shotguns that cannot accept large capacity magazines. (Before ya'll attack, I am vehimently opposed to ANY ban.) I would LOVE to show my wife that her BAR and Sweet-16 are in danger but I don't see it in the wording of this bill. If it is there I Thank you for your patience and apologise in advance. If it isn't however let's focus on what is there. The bill is henious enough as is.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Chuck said...

It ain't EVIL...

I miss it though.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Timmeeee said...

Pretty soon you'll be in Kanada!

11:27 PM  
Anonymous brit said...

Forget about compromise!

If you have to compromise with every stupid proposal, you'll soon be in Britain...

7:28 AM  

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