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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Three Birds, One .357 Magnum

Inmates are waiting to say hello to three sweet young men thugs who think the law does not apply to them. Say gotcha to three arrogant criminals who think they are smarter than anyone else. Michael Rolla, Jeremy Fuller, Kyle Posusta, Click to enlargeMikey Rolla (the coward who abandoned his partner in crime as soon as resistance was encountered) and Jeremy Fuller (the greasy haired punk with the bruise on his forehead) were the team........breaking into homes and stealing honest citizen's belongings. They are thieves. Kyle Pousta, the smug looking piss-ant on the right was apparently their fence, selling guitars and electronics. Pousta's apartment was filled with stolen goods. He's a thief too.

During the night of April 14, 2008, Steve Reemer awakened to a unusual noise in his home in Buffalo, Minnesota. Getting up to investigate, Reemer found his bedroom door tied shut with a rope. Then a home invader in the hall told him they were going to cut the rope and come in with duct tape. Steve Reemer armed himself with his .357 magnum Taurus revolver.

Bursting through the door, Steve Reemer chased Mikey Rolla out of his home, placing several rounds into Rolla's stolen SUV as the tires slung gravel getting the hell out of Dodge. Going back inside, Reemer discovered Jeremy Fuller cowering in a locked bedroom. "Come on out! Put your hands on your head! I’ll show you a little about Hanoi!" Reemer shouted. Jeremy Fuller did not want to know anything about Hanoi. He bailed out a window, skidding across the ground as he ran into the night.

Law enforcement captured Rolla as he was trying to steal another car. Not surprisingly, Rolla led police to Fuller. Pousta was arrested after Reemer's stolen guitars and electronics were found in his apartment. The dots are not that difficult to connect. Guitars don't run off by themselves.

Speaking with news media after the break-in, Reemer said he didn’t want to shoot the fleeing Michael Rolla in the back. Reemer said that since they gave him a break and didn’t do anything to him while he was sleeping, Reemer wanted to make sure he saw Rolla's face if he had to pull the trigger. Reemer did, however, punctuate the stolen SUV with lead. I have a feeling that Steve Reemer possesses an understanding of how things get all twisty after the results of an armed confrontation finally makes it way before a judge and jury. He knows he wasn't given a break at all. He was given a break-in.

Conventional wisdom holds that it is best to not talk to the press after an armed encounter. The news media often gets things wrong, inserting their own bias into the story, and tainting the righteous outcome of a justifiable defense after a life is placed in jeopardy by criminals. Still, for those who study and learn from these types of confrontations, gratitude for the defender's comments must be expressed as we vicariously place ourselves in their shoes. The smile that Steve Reemer wears while speaking to the press no doubt conceals the personal violation he must be feeling after having his home invaded by criminals. That invasion is an affront to us all.

The story from Fox 9.com

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Blogger carl said...

Good for Steve Reemer. Those three scumbags are going to get what they deserve. Keep up the good work Xavier, these types of stories need all the traction they can get.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're not going to get what they deserve, just like the three animals that raped and murdered the Connecticut doctor's family didn't get what they deserved in any of their over 29 previous convictions. We're talking about the justice system here. Let's be reasonable.

-Sans Authoritas

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Jack said...

Whoo-hoo. You go Reemer!

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad they got caught!! they all got a crimal background too. cuz that was our suv (tahoe) that they stoled from us. glad your okay and you did the right thing.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Katie said...

Lets remember these are someones children. Fortunately for them the gun was in the right hands. This is the perfect story to back up my thoughts on guns. Guns dont kill people. People kill people!

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katie said...
Lets remember these are someones children. Fortunately for them the gun was in the right hands. This is the perfect story to back up my thoughts on guns. Guns dont kill people. People kill people!

No, these aren't someones children. They stopped being children when they started running around like a bunch of g*d*mn mad dogs.

And there's only one way to deal with mad dogs.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Katie B said...

How do you deal with mad dogs? These are someones adult children! Yea they mad bad choices that dont make them a bad person. If one learns from mistakes the make better choices. Are you God? Who are you to judge????

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly they are cool nice guys, drugs took over them. I went to school with both of them. It's sad what drugs can do to ppl. Two of them are still in jail the other has turned his life around. But not making excuses especially when I know the reemer family also, no one deserves that kind of disrespect of having someone break into their private home ESPECIALLY in such a small town where everyone knows and trusts everyone to the point they don't even lock their doors. Drugs arehorrible :(

2:32 AM  

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