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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Toto.....We're Not In New Orleans Anymore!

Greensburg Gun Confiscations

By Patricia A. Stoneking

I would like to start this report by noting that I have personally spoke with several sources who were directly involved in the incidents that I am about to report that took place in Greensburg, KS in the aftermath of the horrible CAT 5 tornado that ravaged and destroyed that town. I will not be divulging their names in this article as they have requested I not do so.

The first thing I would like for everyone to acknowledge is that the residents of Greensburg were forced to evacuate and that, in and of itself, was an illegal action as martial law had not been declared. There were many people who wanted to stay and they were threatened with arrest and forcible removal if they did not leave as ordered. The tornado happened at 9:46pm on Friday evening, May 4, 2007 and they were forced to leave within a couple hours of it, being given no time to collect themselves or assess the damages or even try to pick up anything such as guns and valuables. Ed Klummp, Police Chiefs Association, testified at the House committee hearing with a position opposing The Emergency Powers Act and said the evacuations were so they could search for bodies and shut off gas and power and that the evacuation was for the safety of the residents. I have been told by a reliable source that the electricity was shut off prior to the tornado striking and the gas was shut off within a few hours after. It would seem that the evacuation was not necessary in light of that information. Perhaps the position should have been that those who want to leave be provided a way to do so and those who wish to stay be allowed to stay.

This town was locked down tight for several days and no one was allowed in or out. The only people in that town during this time were Sheriffs Officers, Kansas Highway Patrol Officers, ATF, FEMA, National Guard, Police Officers from surrounding areas and some volunteers from Ft. Riley, generally speaking, government officials. Authorities claim no one else was there or could have gotten in or out. Interestingly enough, I have been told repeatedly by all sources that the media was allowed to roam freely without escorts through Greensburg. Shall we ask why residents were not allowed to stay on their own property but media was allowed unfettered access?

Many guns and other valuables such as jewelry have gone permanently missing and have never been recovered. There were some houses that were not destroyed and were intact and habitable. Those folks did not want to leave but were forced to do so. When they returned they found their houses had been broken in to and all of their guns missing. One gentleman reports that when he went to claim his guns, taken from his secure home, they were returned to him in damaged condition. They were not damaged by the tornado. They were locked up in his home and illegally confiscated. So how do we suppose that damage occurred?

Guns and ammunition that were collected were taken to a trailer and an ATF agent manned the trailer. When people first came to collect their guns they were asked for proof of ownership such as receipts and serial number lists and they had to fill out a 4473 and get a NICS approval before they could claim their guns. No one had paperwork, receipts, or lists of serial numbers because it had all blown away. Later into the process they quit demanding these items and asked only for a list with make, model and description of the firearm. In one case, in the collection trailer, a gun case was claimed by one man who had a very nice trap shotgun in it and when he opened the undamaged and closed case, he found not his nice BT99 but another damaged gun that did not belong to him. That $1500.00 BT99 has never turned up. One comment made by all sources is that many “nice” guns were never recovered. Every source has reported that little to no care was taken with any of the firearms retrieved and taken into protective custody and they were not catalogued in any fashion. One resident said “they were just thrown in there in piles”.

One family, whose house was not damaged, reported that officers were going to remove them at gun point when they refused to leave their property and a gun fight was only averted when a KBI agent stepped in front of the other officers and pleaded with them to consider what they were doing. Those residents had taken up their shotguns and were not going to leave. We can only say thank heavens for that KBI officer who had the sense to realize what pressing these people at gun point would mean.

As I talked to these residents of Greensburg the accounts of their personal experiences kept flowing and they all had certain things in common. Their rights were violated, guns were confiscated illegally and they were forced to leave their homes illegally. When government agents came to their property they did not ask them if they were okay or needed help. They were there to forcibly remove them and confiscate their property. Many of them expressed fear of reprisal should they go public. Do they have the names of the officials who they believe acted illegally and inappropriately? In many cases, the answer is yes. Did all officials act illegally and inappropriately? NO. Many were very helpful and had great concern for the well being of the residents and were there to assist them with the best of intentions.

The people in Greensburg are a close, tight knit community, everyone knows everyone kind of place. They were very resentful of government coming in and telling them what they had to do. They would have preferred to stay and help each other locate valuables and guns and not leave their property. Several residents have reported that FEMA did more harm than good and would not even cooperate with local law enforcement. Residents of the town who were firefighters and trained in rescue operations wanted to stay and help their neighbors and friends and were told they could not.

The many stories that have been shared with me are too lengthy to include in this report. I just pose these questions. If there was even one act of misconduct or illegal activity by any governmental official are we to stand by idly and allow it without complaint? Should those who broke the law be allowed to continue to “serve” as law enforcement officials without question? Should the residents of Greensburg have to fear reprisal if they report and file complaints about what happened to them? Should Kansas and its legislative body do nothing to see to it that this never happens again?

I am turning over all of the information I have obtained to the NRA complete with names and numbers of those residents which I have spoke with. I am also going to turn the information over to some members of the Kansas House and Senate. I would urge everyone to contact their legislators and demand that a full investigation be conducted in to the events that took place in Greensburg. HB 2811, The Emergency Powers Act is a bill designed to prevent this exact kind of thing from happening and provide a remedy if it does (see that article). At the time of this publication that bill is in the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee. Rise up Kansas! Let your voice be heard! Don’t let your town be next!!

Patricia A. Stoneking
Target Master Shooting Academy, LLC
NRA Certified Training Counselor
Law Enforcement Certified Tactical Firearms Instructor
Northeast Quadrant Director, Board of Directors, Kansas State Rifle Association
Legislative Liaison, Board of Directors, Tri-County Rod and Gun Club
Vice President, Board of Directors, Kansas Second Amendment Society
P. O. Box 117
Bonner Springs, KS 66012
(913) 667-3044



Anonymous Anonymous said...

despite some questions that one should have pop up when reading the article, having seen enough instances of ATF operations, the call to rise up is legitimate for anyone who thinks that this particular government agency believes in the Right To Bear Arms and that those who do bear arms aren't to be considered for monitoring...surprised they haven't been blended in with the IRS and provided a larger operational sway into individuals' lives.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Sailorcurt said...

This is not directed at you Xavier, I understand where you are coming from, but I'm a bit frustrated by all this.

What, exactly, do we expect?

After Katrina, we (collectively) browbeat FEMA and government officials for not doing enough and not doing it fast enough. We ridiculed them, as if it was a government responsibility to save us from inept city and state officials (and ourselves). In stead of pitching in and helping each other, we pointed fingers, we moaned woe is me and we looted.

We demanded answers and changes and heads.

We TOLD them that we wanted prompt, decisive action in the case of future disasters. Exactly what kind of prompt, decisive action were we expecting?

This is the GOVERNMENT we're talking about. This is what they do: They issue mandates, they enforce those mandates under threat of violence, they care little about the personal problems of the "little people", all they care about is following "the plan". The government, by nature, is inefficient and ineffective at virtually EVERYTHING.

I ask again: What, exactly, did we expect?

I know that you, as well as myself and most other freedom loving individuals, don't advocate this level of federal involvement and aren't the ones that bleated about how the government should have saved us better, faster, stronger, after Katrina...but our SOCIETY did. And we are forced to deal with the consequences of that. Collectively, we are simply reaping what we have sown.

"whatever power you give the State to do things FOR you carries with it the equivalent power to do things TO you.”
—Albert Jay Nock

In my limited experience, the best, most effective and useful thing the government can do after a disaster is stay the heck out of the way.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has this been verified by anyone. The only report I can find anywhere about this is from Patricia A. Stoneking. She seems to be the only source of this happening that I've found at this point. With the N.O. incidents there was quite a lot of public outcry and even media coverage.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may want to leave a comment with the following contrarian commentator.


12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I seem to remember a post by you a while ago, detailing a quick procedure to document your firearms, something about a digital photo of the firearm's Serial #, shown alongside a current driver's license. Perhaps a repost of that post would be good?

And, in regards to this travesty in KS, is there any word on looking into another class action suit by the NRA/2nd Amenment Foundation?


6:02 PM  
Blogger phlegmfatale said...


10:23 PM  

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