A Nurse with a Gun

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Physicians and Guns

Should a physician have a gun in his office?

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My comment:
Physicians have the right to have any legally owned object in their office that they desire. They have a right to the ability to effectively protect themselves and others from violence. I am glad that is not disputed. We are not talking about a patient or family member acting out. We are not talking about verbal threats. We are talking about someone attacking another human being with the intent to cause grave bodily injury or death.

As far as your questions:

Would you not see a doctor if you knew he had a gun in his office?
The physician I see does carry a gun. I assume it is also in his office if he is there. I would not change physicians because of this. In fact, I am comforted knowing he has the ability to effectively stop a violent attempt on his life and the lives of others. He has taken the responsibility for saving lives from a violent attack.

Do you feel that physicians are similar to the Red Cross and that they should be neutral and conflict avoiding?
I believe that physicians should be proactive in quelling conflict. They should have the ability and means to stop conflict. They should not be disaffected bystanders who studiously avoid, indeed retreat from conflict. When violence occurs, there is no neutral position. Either you allow it to continue or you stop it. The real question is which path you take.

Physicians, when they enter med school, often want to make a difference. They want to save lives. The financial aspect of medicine is a bonus. The lack of effective self defense will not stop violence. When violence occurs, the firearm becomes a life saving tool, much like an AED or a fire extinguisher. Looked at from this perspective, the gun in the physician's hands is no different from any other device in giving him the means to save lives.



Blogger Keith Walker said...

My comments.

***Begin Quote***
If I were a patient, I think it would be kind of scary to know that my doctor who I am seeing has a gun in his office. I think it would be scary not because of the gun itself, but because of the fact that the environment could actually warrant firearms.
***End Quote***

I do not understand this statement at all. If the environment warrants firearms, then wouldn’t you want your doctor to be armed? I get the idea that you do not want to face the fact that a hospital or doctor’s office DOES warrant firearms. Ignoring this fact just adds to the body count. I speak from experience.

My wife’s Bible study teacher was shot and killed outside of her office last month. You can read a little about her story here.

Hospitals are “gun free zones” in Texas. That sure did a lot of good didn’t it?

1:20 PM  
Blogger MightyMom said...


I work at a hospital that recently opened. There is no security, there are only 2 nurses and 18 patients in the building all night long...on the 2nd floor. and they frequently forget to lock the doors. no one makes a security sweep when visiting hours end. I asked the DON if I could keep my gun in my locker (there were no gun-free-zone signs up at the time). Was told no...repeatedly. now there are gun-free-zone signs posted. but still no security.....am looking for another job.

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