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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Singer M1911A1 on GunBroker

This is an excellent conditioned and rare Singer M1911A1 – s/n S800231 .45 ACP w/ 5 inch bbl. This desirable example of one of the 500 M1911A1 pistols manufactured by the Singer Manufacturing Co. as part of Educational Order No. W-ORD-396 awarded April 17, 1940. This specimen has the distinctive, high polish, blue finish. The Keyes Fibre brown plastic checkered stocks, correctly, lack the reinforcing rings around the screw holes and interior strengthening ribs. The barrel has a blue finish and is stamped with a gothic “P” proof mark on the left side of the lug. The magazine has a brush blue finish and is marked with a gothic “P” on the top of the floor plate lip. The left side of the slide is marked. “S. MFG. CO. / ELIZABETH, NJ., U.S.A.” in two lines just ahead of the slide serrations. The top of the slide is stamped “P” proof mark in front of the rear sight. The right side of the frame is marked “UNITED STATES PROPERTY” above the serial number “No.S800231” behind the slide stop hole. “M 1911A1 U.S. ARMY” is marked ahead of the slide stop hole. The left side of the frame is stamped with the “JCK” initials of Army Inspector of Ordnance COL. John K. Clement just below the slide stop cut-out. A gothic “P” is stamped above and slightly behind the magazine release. The frame feed ramp is polished bright. With the exception of the magazine, stamped with a gothic “S”, (Scovill Mfg.), all the pistol components appear to be original and correct. The pistol retains about 97% of the original high polish blue finish. Most of the limited handling wear is concentrated on the main spring housing. The front grip strap has some handling wear and minor finish loss. The slide and frame have normal holster edge wear. The barrel chamber retains about 90% of the original blue finish The bore has moderate pitting. The stocks are in excellent condition and the screws have nearly all the original finish. All markings are extremely crisp. This is a completely original and high conditioned Singer M1911A1.

This Singer M1911A1 on GunBroker did not meet it's reserve.

Ending Bid? $52,000.00



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