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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gun Show Loopholes

Each Presidential candidate is apparently in the dark regarding the "Gun Show Loophole." The imagery is deceptive. They are lying. Know what? There is no gun show loophole. At gun shows, the transfer of firearms must meet the exact same stringent criteria as in any other place in the state or municipality in which the gun show is being held.

What these politicians are advocating is preventing the private transfer of property between two private citizens. When a person owns a piece of property for their own use, be it a lawn mower, a wedding ring, a sofa and ottoman, a cord of firewood, or a gun, the state has no right or ability to regulate that transfer.

Closing the gun show loophole is not about preventing criminals from getting guns. Criminals steal guns through burglary. Criminals buy and barter for guns on the street from other criminals. Why? Because they are cheaper that way. What criminal wants to pay a fair market price for a gun when he can steal one or swap some crack for one?

No.....the gun show loophole fallacy is about two things.

1. It prevents honest citizens from rightfully buying and selling private property.

2. It gives politicians a talking point so they can look tough on crime to ignorant constituents.

Don't believe everything you hear.

JR's thoughts

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Anonymous brad_in_ma said...

Any piece which features The Foul Prick Michael Bloomberg as well as Boston's Thomas "Mumbles" Menino is going to be coming straight out of the lefty statists handbook. Count on it.

6:03 AM  
OpenID doktor-tomorrow said...

I would add an third reason: "Closing a loophole" forces such transactions into the realm of TAXABLE commerce.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Weer'd Beard said...

Also opens the door for tracking and registering of guns. Here in Mass we are allowed 4 Face-To-Face transfers of firearms per year, but each transfer needs to be accompanied by a registration form given to the state. I have many guns, all of them are legally held (because I am a lawful person) Some I got from gun shops, others though my C&R FFL, others from Face-to-face transfers.

All of my guns are known to the Mass State Police. If confiscation becomes legal they know all the guns I own, and where I live. I can't hide them or trade them to friends without committing a crime.

Of course the gangs in Boston don't worry about such things....

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like the Devil's advocate, I think there are some issues at shows that need to be addressed. I'm a bit surpised at the careless (as in, "I don't care") attitude many private dealers - I mean sellers - exhibit at gun shows in Arizona. They seem willing to sell to anyone, no questions asked. While most people feel somewhat responsible to know who they sell a firearm to (as in, asking the buyer's name at a minimum), I've purchased firearms at shows from "private sellers" with the seller hardly uttering a word other than price negotiation. I've had to ask THEM what there name is so I can keep a self-written receipt where, when, price paid and who I acquired it from as my way of trying to CMA in the event the gun turns out to be stolen. Most of you know the kind of seller I'm talking about: the private seller at a show with dozens of firearms spanning multiple tables who's obviously running a business rather than just a hobby. At least with private sales outside of shows, you generally know the phone number and address of the person you buy from because it's in the ad or email or whatever alerted you to the offer to sell. But at shows, there's far too much anonymity for both buyers and sellers. I'm not saying sellers need to be held liable for their buyer's actions or anything stupid like that. But, both parties should have some obligation to know the name of the other party. If one party provides false information, it's not the other's fault. Names should be exchanged in good faith. If the gun show promoters want to head off bad legislation, they'll institute there own guidelines for private sellers to follow, and require sellers to clearly display their name at a minimum. I don't believe a private seller should be required to ask for a buyer's driver's license, but they should at least ask for the buyer's name and address. Buyers should be advised at the show entrances they are expected to provide it to all firearm sellers, not just FFLs. When I've sold guns, it just seemed right to keep a record of whom I sold it to. If someone wants to buy a gun from me, but says 'It's none of my damn business' when I ask their name, I'll tell them to get lost. But unfortunately, some shady sellers at shows just don't care.

7:16 PM  

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