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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Raleigh Super Course

The handlebar stem was stuck when I started on the Raleigh Super Course frame. After a week's soak in ATF, it was still stuck. Click to enlargeI decided to Slip in a set of drop bars and proceed with the build anyway.

The Super Course was originally a medium priced racing bike, a Nottingham ten speed. This example was the classic British green, my favorite color. I installed a single speed cottered crank and bottom bracket, and the build was on it's way. A 27 inch front rim gave up it's hub to my spoke wrench, and in it's place I installed a Sturmey Archer coaster brake. The front rim is a high flange Araya rim. Both rims are shod with Kenda gum wall rubber. A Shimano quick release skewer secures the front hub, while old fashioned wing nuts secure the rear. A nickel plated 1/8 inch chain spins the wheels via rat trap pedals. A Brooks B17 Champion leather seat is atop a 26.4mm Kalloy micro-adjustable seat post.

Because I could not remove the GB handlebar stem, I was stuck with the forward center pull brake bracket beneath the headset bolt. To disguise it for the time being, I stuck a dice on the stud. I decided to leave the braze-ons on this frame, as they are solidly attached and at some point I may chose to return the bike to original status.

A set of moustache handlebars will likely be in this bike's future, but for now I stuck some ivory Hunt-Wilde rubber grips on the ends of the drop bars to prevent coring injuries to my knees if for no other reason.



Anonymous aczarnowski said...

Keep up the great blogging. Because of you I've hunted down a sun uno - why does Sun understock so horribly in the mid west? - and will be riding more around town.

Now if the Craigslist seller will just get the bike shipped...

4:18 PM  
Anonymous fishy fixie said...


12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is one cool bike!

4:47 PM  

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