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Sunday, August 31, 2008


The routes out of NOLA went to contraflow at 4:00 AM. this morning. Camera of I-10 at Power Blvd

Click to enlarge
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This is the 2008 contraflow map out of New Orleans. Click to embigginate as needed.

Estimated evacuation drive times from New Orleans to: Click to go to other highway cameras
Alexandria-- 16 hours
Baton Rouge-- 8 hours
Lafayette-- 8 hours
Lake Charles-- 16 hours
Shreveport-- 20 hours
Hattiesburg-- 8 hours
Jackson 24-- hours
Meridian-- 16 hours
Travel time during an evacuation is four times longer than in normal conditions.
Click the photo at right to go to other traffic cameras.

State Emergency Alert Broadcasting System

Greater New Orleans WWL 870 AM & WLMG 101.9 FM
Baton Rouge WJBO 1150 AM & WFMF 102.5 FM
Lafayette KVOL 1330 AM & KTDY 99.9 FM
Lake Charles KLCL 1470 AM & KHLA 99.5 FM
Shreveport KWKH 1130 AM & 94.5 FM
Alexandria KZMZ 580 AM & 96.9 FM
Monroe KNOX 540 AM & 101.9 FM

Download the 2008 Louisiana Citizen Awareness & Disaster Evacuation Guide (pdf)



Blogger Cybrludite said...

Bah. I made it to a friend's house about 40 miles south-southwest of Clarksdale in a skoosh over 7 hours. (01:40 start time Sunday morning with an 08:51 arrival) Of course, the only bit of Interstate I drove on was I-20 in Vicksburg, where US-61 shares pavement with it for a few miles. The way back in on Wednesday was more like more like 9.5 hours due in part to a 10:30 start, and some truly impressive rain to drive through. Would have taken longer, but I hopped the River at Natchez, and took La-15 from the Vidallia area to La-1. Gods, I don't think I've driven anyplace that isolated & empty since I moved back from New Mexico...

2:12 AM  

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