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Monday, August 11, 2008

Fitz Special on Gun Broker

"COLT Commando
Parkerized Finish
Caliber 38 Special
4 Inch Barrel
'Fitz' Special Speed Trigger

This Revolver is in Very Good Vintage Condition.

Timing and Bore are excellent.

The Revolver is fitted with the Original Factory Brown Checkered Plastic Grips. Please note that the forward edge of the LEFT Grip Only is Damaged.

These Revolvers were made during World War II from 1942 - 1945.

This example has modified in the 'FITZ Special' style. 'Fitz' Special Speed Trigger modifications were performed Originally on Colt Revolvers by Colt. This type of modification was also done in the private sector to both Colt & Smith & Wesson Revolvers. This Modification was a popular aid to facilitate rapid trigger acquisition and to allow the use of heavy gloves. Bill Jordan carried a 'Fitz Special' Modified Revolver while on duty with the US Border Patrol. This modification was popular in the Decades Preceding and following WW II.

Please note the Military Inspection/Acceptance Marks on Upper Left Frame above and behind Cylinder Release.
"G.H.D." (Guy H. Drewry)
Ordnance insignia (flaming shell or bomb)
In Original Form, the US Counterintelligence Corps, Military Intelligence and the Office of Strategic Services orders totaled nearly 12,800.
Many more were purchased/used by the Defense Supplies Corporation (DSC). The DSC provided arms for Defense Plant Guards, Police Departments and Security Personnel for various US Government Organizations. Others were used in the US Merchant Marine, and Lend Lease Programs.
US General Eisenhower is reported to have had one, and some Colt Commando revolvers were definitely used in the war zones."
Blah Blah Blah. The seller sounds like a used car salesman with a rusted out Caddy on the lot.

1. This revolver was reparkerized. Note the parkerizing in the GHD and US Ordnance proof. These proofs were applied after the revolver was accepted by the military. After it was originally parkerized. Thus, one would expect to see bare metal in the proofs rather than parkerizing.

2. After this revolver was reparkerized, some knothead decided to make it into a Fitz Special. He lopped off the front of the trigger guard, and did a fair job of roughly blending things out. The area under the frame could use a bit more polishing though, and some parkerizing........ Oh, and bob the hammer, and cut the barrel down to a snubby. Replace the front sight and you might be getting close to a Fitz. Maybe some nice stag grips to compliment the parkerizing.

Sell the finished fake Fitz for $200-$300 instead of $600, and I might be interested. At $600 though, this is a revolver that is overpriced. This Colt Commando is also either ruined, and not followed through on the conversion, depending on how you look at it. $150 tops.

Here's a nicer Colt Commando (that isn't screwed up) starting at $301. Here's one that is supposedly unfired. Note the differences in the finish.

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Blogger Glenn Bartley said...

Here is a web address to an article on the FitzGerald Special:


Informative article, and a nice pic.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous moss500 said...

Good article on used revolver buying.

I'm looking at a Colt Commando snubnose, seems in pretty good shape except for a little warping of the plastic/rubber grips on one side, and some stuff in the bore that may be lead fouling - I'm coming back with my bore snake to give it another look. Dealer want 450.00, parkerizing looks good and original, no unusual wear except for a small hint of rust on top strap. I'm thinking more in the 300-350 range max given the hint of rust in fit of grip on one side, assuming bore checks out. Locks up tight, just like my Colt Cobra, and is a nice little gun.

I get a kick out of sellers wanting top dollar for something that has been modified heavily or doesn't work just because of a name or an items age, seems to be a pattern here in New England.

12:08 AM  

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