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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Original Sistema on Gun Broker

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Argentine 1927 Sistema Colt .45 ACP Orig. Finish
90%+, Original Finish, VG+ Condition.
Everything is correct even magazine except for grips(should be black plastic). We found a set of original grips! It will now be supplied with these. Finish shows honest wear and pitting in some spots. It is in perfect, unaltered, untampered with mechanical order.
Started at $950.00
It's not surprising that original finish Sistemas are escalating in value. Most of the Sistemas that were imported to the US were rearsenaled, and they sold for $300-$350. The last of the Sistemas available for import apparently dried up with the importation of the poor quality examples by Lipsey's two years ago. Still, as nice as this example (which has no importation markings) is, the starting bid of $950 seems a bit high to me. It might reach that at auction if two bidders are competing for the gun, but you have to get them vying for it first.

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