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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Raleigh Roadster on Ebay

Well, Hell. It's out of my price range now, so I'll blog on it instead of sniping it.

Up for bid is a Vintage Raleigh 3 Speed Bike. This is a classic Raleigh made in England. This bike has all original parts (including tires and brake pads) and I purchased it from the original owner. Not sure of the date, but believe it is a 1940's model. It has the specs of a roadster model, including 28 1/2 inch tires and Roller Lever brakes. The serial number is 255851 and is posted on the frame under the seat. Overall, the bike is in great shape given it's age and there are no apparent major defects (dents, rust, or cracks in the frame). It was in storage for many years. The original paint is in good condition, but has a few places of wear. The bike could use tune up since it has been in storage for many years (it didn't shift when I gave it a quick test ride). The tires hold air and have some tread left, but they are old and have some surface cracks.
I have wanted a Raleigh rod brake Roadster for several years now. They are exceedingly tough to find in the South, indeed, in the U.S. They have long wheelbases and very obtuse frame angles, making them excellent cruisers with uncanny stability and a stately ride. They are built to be durable, and are designed for basic transportation. Learn more about them here.

Although this one did not have a full chain case, it is complete, and it appears to be in perfect riding condition. Sadly, I'm not the only one wanting it.

Winning bid: US $271.51



Blogger Montie said...


It would appear that the bike is actually a 1971 model. BTW, the Sturmey-Archer three-speed hub on the Raleigh looks just like one on another Schwinn Speedster I just located (I think I mentioned in an earlier comment about the mint 2-speed his and hers Schwinns I found last week). The 3-speed Schwinn is about contemporaneous to the ebay Raleigh (1971).

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