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Monday, August 25, 2008

Wet Armadillos

The remnants of tropical storm Fay had drenched the streets before I left work for home this afternoon. Thankfully, the precipitation had dwindled to a minimum, but the streets still glistened with an iridescent coating of water and oil.

I had been cautioned that the Specialized Nimbus Armadillo tires I had mounted on the commuter bike might not perform too well on slick streets. I was eager to try them out, so I put on my gloves and began to search out puddles and manhole covers on the way home.

I pedaled at my usual pace, not a speed demon pace by any means, but still a notch above a relaxed spin. I hesitate to estimate my speed, but it was a speed that would give me confidence regardless of the surface conditions or tires. I was thankful for the full fenders, they kept me dry as the narrow red wall rubber sliced through the water.

At the speeds I was riding, the Nimbus Armadillos were capable and certain. Transversing manhole covers, metal grates, painted sections of the pavement made no difference. Perhaps I was not going fast enough to reach the outer envelope of these tires, but then, I would not have ridden that fast anyway considering the traffic I negotiate on my commute home. If I was pedaling for time, I might have found the limits of the traction afforded. I was, however, pedaling to get home in time for dinner, hopefully before the skies dumped another deluge, without exceeding the limits of my brakes. The Specialized Nimbus Armadillos were plenty safe for that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still wet paint,rails, and metal covers are your foe... They are simply unpredictable. If You ride straight through them usually everything is fine, but if you are in turn or braking, or there was a bump you may not have the luck. But You being experienced motorcyclist probably know that already.

As a side note

I would exercise emergency braking on the bike. I once almost landed under a left side of the truck taking my right of way. LoL I was breaking so hard my rear wheel went up motorcycle style and then at the end of the breaking all rear of the bike went left and I crashed down. It was wet that day. Can't imagine what would happen if the forward wheel slipped or I would block it...

Moral of the story is

Trust no one... :)

I bet in no time you will have a handful of similar stories to publish on the blog.

BTW I missed that part. Whats your daily distance on the bike?


6:27 AM  
Anonymous Kristopher said...

Dude ... ditch those Schrader valves.

Get an aluminum insert and then go to presta valved tubes.

Presta valves don't self destruct from hard commuter use. Those Schrader valves you are using will eventually fail at the point where the valve stem, tube, and rim-hole all meet.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Xavier said...

Got a link?

4:33 AM  

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