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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clark Combat LW Commander on Gun Broker

On Gun Broker is a very nice 1977 Clark Combat Commander. Click to enlargeIn actuality, this pistol is a Lightweight Commander, one of the original aluminum framed pistols. At one time, Clark Custom had a modification package, the Combat package, that was applied to this pistol. The package consisted of an adjustable Smith & Wesson revolver sight grafted onto the slide, paired with a ramped front sight with an orange serrated insert. The ejection port was skillfully lowered, "tiger tooth" stippling was applied to the front strap, and a match trigger was installed. The original Colt barrel was accurized and the entire pistol was "tightened up."

Even though fixed sights are de rigueur on a carry gun today, back "in the day," the addition of a S&W rear sight was a hallmark of a custom 1911.Click to enlarge This pristine Colt Commander was built by James Clark Sr. as a carry gun. Sadly, it doesn't seem as though it was ever carried, and it has reportedly only been shot by the master gunsmith himself.

I am fortunate enough to own a Clark Combat 1911 myself, and I would love to make this piece of gunsmithing history an addition to my collection. Sadly, at $2,500.00 with an unmet reserve, it is out of my league. I'd probably stuff it in a holster and shoot the snot out of it at Shootout Lane anyway.

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Blogger nature223 said...

man,the evident amount of quality simply oozes from that picture,what a wonderful firearm.
Clark was the genius who found ways to improve on the base perfection of John Moses Browning.that took someone of equal talent to see where to continue refining it to it's ultimate completeness of excellence,and purpose built beauty.

9:40 AM  

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