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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Shot in the Arm

Another negligent discharge is presented at Pistol Training.com.



Anonymous Ninth Stage said...

Tangential -
Cool X-Ray image. I used to make prototype titanium bone plates. The ones in the image look very similar to the type I made.

9:35 PM  
OpenID trebor1415 said...

The shooting victim is (or was, not sure) a member over at www.zombiehunters.org. He posted about this right after it happened and posted a couple updates later.

It's amazing how incredibly stupid the shooter was. What in the world would make someone think it was a good idea to take out the cased pistol and load it while in the vehicle? That's just insane. I'm sure the gun owner/shooting victim never imagined a passenger taking and loading the gun like that. I wouldn't have conceived of it myself before this.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Arn said...

sorry, when I first saw this, I thought it said "Shot in the Arn".

9:26 PM  

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