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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Model 21 at CDNN

CDDN has the recent Model 21 listed. Rumor has it the price is $499. Couple of issues: it has the integral lock, and there is no upper sideplate screw. The round butt grip looks kind of funky too. The hammer is lacking the firing pin, and is comprised of MIM along with the trigger.

But if you have a hankering for a 44 special wheelgun and those issues don't bother you, here's a chance to buy a new one for a very good price.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Internal lock and 59 lbs trigger (or whatever the hell it is these days). What's not to like?

Too bad CZ scuttled Dan Wesson for good. Not much choice left for the wheelgunner if Rugers don't do it for you.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

The internal lock kills the deal for me. However, for those who want one but find the round but too "funky" Eagle grips makes a very nice round but to square but grip for these.

For anonymous above, there are still plenty Of Used Dan Wessons out there. I just picked one up last week.

The only other US made revolver (other than the Rugers) are the Charts Arms, which, while they will never be as nice as a Smith, are a lot nicer than folks give them credit for.

8:51 PM  
OpenID zercool said...

I have the new 21-4 in nickel. I replaced the itty-bitty factory grips with a set of round-smooth combats, and I love the thing. It's shooting Keith loads rock-solid and dead-on at 20-25 yards. It's a heck of a gun, and will be going deer hunting with me on a regular basis this fall.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"For anonymous above, there are still plenty Of Used Dan Wessons out there. I just picked one up last week."

I do have a model 15VH, bought used. There are still plenty of those around, but not many mint 44's at a reasonable price. They were never plentiful to start with though.

A shame to see DW go. Their basic mistake was to limit themselves with oddball revolver calibers instead of expanding into carry and other pieces in common calibers. A couple years ago, a lady there told me that they'd start taking order for custom revolvers, but it never materialized.

I'll never ever buy a CZ, I can tell you that :-)

8:21 PM  

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