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Friday, September 05, 2008

Simple Pleasures

It was dark this morning as I glided into the parking garage, Click to enlargewith my blinkies flashing as the commuter bike silently sliced through the morning air. I did not know it yet, but a long hard day awaited me at work. Cases started at 0630, and they did not stop until 1720. I felt fortunate to cram some club sandwich into my yap.

The air was cool from the overcast skies as I finally walked out of the hospital with my bike helmet swinging expectantly. Many people, perhaps,would look forward to the air conditioned comfort of their automobile, and a drive home in solitude with relaxing music or maybe talk radio. I looked forward to straddling my black and white beater bike and saying adios as I pedaled into the evening.

I'm kind of surprised that I would miss biking and that I would actually look forward to it after a hard day. I made no detours, I did not stop for ice cream or donuts. I just rode home. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I miss a day or two, I'm longing for it too.

11:01 AM  

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