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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Colt 1902 Military

"Browning's idea was to make the barrel free to move somewhat, unlike in the straight blowback design, and anchor it to the frame by means of a pair of swinging links, one at the rear of the barrel and one at the front. On firing, the whole assemblage of barrel and slide would move rearward locked together by means of lugs machined atop the barrel that fitted into mortises in the underside of the slide. This would only be for a short distance, as the links would naturally pivot about their pins, causing the barrel to drop down and unlock from the slide."
Tam has written an incisive article on the Colt 1902. Read more about the forerunner to the 1911 here.



Blogger kraig said...

thnx always good to see a smokeless
is there a reloader who sells shells for these?

1:31 PM  
Blogger coolcol said...

The Military 1902 has been my weakness for many years. I only recently got one, had it for a day and then lost it, only to have her find her own way back to me 11 months later. Long story for another time maybe, but she will always be my favorite now and will stay with me forever. There is a certain Deco look to them that gets me. You may know the Army tried the 1902 only to reject it later because it had no stopping power, a fact they have had to learn over and over. It seems that Muslim fanatics in the Phillipines circa early 1900s would shake off a hit and keep swinging the scimitar. Huh, I hear a 9mm, basically a .38 too, has had the same story just lately. We are condemed to repeat that it seems.
I will never shoot mine for fear of damage. I like to think you reach a time when you own guns you will never shoot. It is enough with some pistols just to have one. Thanks! Coolcol

8:00 AM  

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