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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Reason I Crossed the Bridge

One of the reasons I passed up Preacherman's turn-off yesterday was because I thought an old favorite gun dealer would be first on the route. I was headed his way. I had learned that there would be no gun show my hometown this year, the Police department had canceled their show, and the independent promoter of the alternative had health problems. I had money saved, and remembered a certain pistol that I had seen last year.

Hutchinson's Guns is in Tioga Louisiana, a Ma and Pa operation with little overhead and good prices. I was in the market for a pistol. Hutch was walking across his front yard as I parked in his drive, and we went into his crowded one man operation. Gun cases were stacked shoulder high, ready to be loaded into a trailer for the next show. I asked if he still had a Colt Defender.

Hutch went to a stack of blue plastic cases and deftly pulled one from the center. The pistol inside had the low profile sights, but it also had the ugly duck bill grip safety. Hutch agreed to give me the price I had seen at last year's gun show, and so, I bought the pistol.

I commonly advise people to shoot a 1911 for at least three months before they change anything. Alas, I suffer from the "fix 'em up" bug as well. Already I have a list of changes for this gun.

The Hogue wrap around Good Year grip has got to go. Slim wood panels only. Maybe checkered double diamond cocobolo.

A Nowlin "speed demon" hammer with a short, classic Commander grip safety should help concealability, comfort, and still prevent hammer bite.

The black trigger has got to go as well. Silver. Solid.

I'll likely keep the teardrop thumb safety and the polymer mainspring housing. No need adding weight to a pistol designed to be light weight. Finally, a dehorning. I may take this pistol to Clarks to get the slide melted.

So, I guess I am susceptible to the 1911 "fix 'em up" bug as well. Time to break out the parts bin......... Or get to the range with some .45ACP.

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Blogger Mark said...

Nice buy.

Step one, the nasty rubber Hogue grips have to go. May I suggest some nice double diamond Gabon Ebony grips. Similar to Cocobolo but black and chocolate instead of red/brown.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Chris Byrne said...

I have that exact gun 'cept I picked mine up from Ted Yost after he worked it up.

I kept the hogues (I shoot +p+ out of the thing; they help with control in my big mitts), went to a short solid trigger, and put a magwell on (so my big mitts dont get pinched in mag changes).

It's my daily carry gun now. Love it to death.

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Fox said...

What are you going to do with that grip safety if you replace it? I could use a flat one like that...

2:35 PM  
Blogger Old NFO said...

Purty! but yes, get rid of the Hogues...

4:33 PM  

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