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Friday, October 31, 2008

Ruger LCP Recall

Ruger® Issues Product Safety Warning and Recall Notice of LCP™ Pistol
October 29, 2008
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) announces that it has recently received a small number of reports from the field indicating that LCP pistols can discharge when dropped onto a hard surface with a round in the chamber. Although no injuries have been reported, we are firmly committed to safety and will retrofit all older LCP pistols (described below). The retrofit involves installation of an upgraded hammer mechanism at no charge to the customer.
As a responsible manufacturer, we want to make our customers aware of this FREE safety upgrade. All LCP pistols bearing the prefix "370" (that is, serial number 370-xxxxx) may be affected. LCP owners can sign up for the safety upgrade or obtain additional information by:

• Visiting our LCP recall website at www.ruger.com/lcprecall
• E-mail: LCPrecall@ruger.com
• Fax: 928-541-8873
• Calling the LCP Recall hotline at 1-800-784-3701

The new parts are being built and we will retrofit LCP pistols on a first-come, first-served basis as soon as they are available. When Ruger is ready to retrofit a consumer's pistol, Ruger will send a shipping label and package with instructions for the FREE return of the LCP pistol to our factory in Prescott, Arizona. Ruger will install the new hammer mechanism, plus some other functional upgrades that have been added since the LCP's introduction, at no charge to the consumer and the pistol will be returned at Ruger expense. All owners will receive a FREE LCP magazine with the new finger grip extension as a "thank you" for their patience and cooperation.
Click to go to the Ruger website

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are going to do a recall, that's how to do it!

5:22 AM  
Blogger lee n. field said...

Just as well, I guess, that I got tired of waiting for my gun monger to find one, and had him get me a snubbie.

Just as well, that I'll wait a year of so for the teething problems to get resolved.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Terry said...

These things are selling as fast as they can make them. I don't get it myself. I'll go to great lengths to carry a decent sized pistol I can get my hands around with at least 9mm.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it's not like a Kel-Tec after all.........

12:08 PM  
Blogger Weer'd Beard said...

I wonder if the LCP will get one of those goofy Glock-style double-triggers like the SR9 got.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Mushy said...

Appreciate this heads up...I've been considering one of those, so the 370 prefix is great information.

10:22 AM  
Blogger HowardCohodas said...

I have an LCP. I have confidence in it. Ruger customer service is exemplary. When I asked for the updated hold-back, they sent it to me at no charge. The LCP was the first gun I ever worked on, but I was able to make the change without much difficulty even though it is taken apart considerably to make the exchange.

The fact that they initiated a recall when it is not clear that they were required to do so increases my admiration for the company.

For fans of the LCP: http://LCPforum.com/

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not impressed - Ruger first "borrowed" the design from a truly innovative company, then botched the copy. They announced it before they were ready to produce, then went ahead and produced thousands that had one of these several related problems.
I can't help but wonder what Bill Ruger, as an innovative firearms designer, would have thought of taking that design from a smaller company?

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah, wah, wah. It looks like a Kel Tech. I own a dozen handguns and it's amazing how similar many of them are. Don't like the Ruger, don't buy one. Get over it.

10:08 AM  

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