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Friday, November 28, 2008

Rained Out

This morning, as I rolled the commuter bike out into the darkness, I noticed the streets were wet. The air was so fresh and clean that it did not really matter. As I pedaled to work, I wondered what the weather might do. I knew an hour later when one of my co-workers came in drenched.

When we finished cases, I went to the waiting room to gaze out the window. The skies were dark, and sheets of rain pounded against the pane. The gray haired lady watching the weather Channel told me it wasn't going to let up. Great.

I arranged a ride home, and went back later to load the bike up on the rear of the Jeep. Call me a weiner. I'm a warm, dry weiner.



Blogger nature223 said...

Xav...funny story,My College time roomate when he was a broke PRE Phd getting dude was a commuter with his Mountain bike and then his inline skates..when he "drove both to work",and his then long suffering G/F(now long term G/F,pregnant wife)drove him home,he'ed wake me up and ask me to drive him in,seems he left both his "means of transportation at school and needed a lift".
it never failed to crack me up as I got dressed and ran him to school to pick up his "garage of parked cars".
you arent alone getting burned by wet weather,he also never failed to make me LMAO when he used the old plastic bread bags to keep his feet dry,when he rode in on rainy days..he was never boring.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous ditto said...

I think they call that being a faair weather biker

5:37 AM  

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