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Friday, November 28, 2008

Rod Brake Raleigh on ebay

I'll be watching this one. I expect it to close for $250 or so, but I'll watch it just the same.......
Vintage Raleigh DL1 Rod Bicycle. This is the largest size frame (24") with 28" Semiperit (Austria) tiers. The standover height is approximately 33 1/2".

This most coveted of all Raleigh bicycles comes with a Brooks B-72 leather seat, Elite headlight (Battery operated and untested) as well as the original tire pump. Everything on the bicycle is original to the bike when it was purchased new.

The overall condition is very good with no dents or dings to the fenders or chainguard. The paint has minimal scratches considering the age of the bike. There is some roughness under the paint on the fenders which may be able to be smoothed out with a good polishing. There is minimal rust which appears to be surface and should be relatively easy to remove. The handgrips have dried and will probably need to be replaced soon. All components seem to work as they should. The tires are 28 x 1 1/2" Semperits (Raleigh Tourist is written on the sidewalls) which were made in Austria and are in excellent condition.

Winning bid: US $342.50. Not bad for one that started at $24.95.



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