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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Ruger 1 of 5000

In 1982, Sturm Ruger transitioned from the Ruger Standard to the Ruger MKII in it's rimfire autoloader line of pistols. There were several differences between the pistols: a bolt hold back mechanism, and the ability to eject a chambered round with the safety engaged were significant improvements. A ten round magazine enabled the shooter to digest ammunition with full magazines, as 22 ammunition commonly sold in multiples of ten.

To say a farewell to the venerable Ruger Standard, Sturm Ruger manufactured and sold the last ones in stainless steel. A replica of the original "salt cod" wooden shipping box came with the pistol, as well as a copy of the original 1949 advertisement. Bill Ruger's signature was rollmarked on the receiver, and "1 of 5000" was stamped on the right side of the barrel.

These were the first stainless steel Ruger pistols. Many were purchased as "investments" and never shot. At present, a 1 of 5000 Ruger Standard is available on Auction Arms.

Current Price: $649.00

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