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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ruger Autopistol Grips on Ebay

Click to enlargeEnding in a couple of hours on ebay.... Ruger MKII grips that transform the grip angle of the Ruger MKII to that of a 1911. Shown here on my "fishin' gun," these grips were designed and marketed by Clark Custom. Palmswells in just the right spot. and added width in just the right places. The grips are plastic, and require a bit of flash trimming, but your MKII will feel totally different in your hand.

Clark Custom clearanced them at $21 a set.
Current auction bid: US $13.50
Winning Bid: US $27.79

These Red Eagle Ruger grips closed at US $76.23.

Approximately 25,500 Red Eagle Ruger Standard pistols were manufactured between October 1949 and November, 1951, before Bill Ruger's business partner, Alexander Sturm died. Thereafter, the grip edallions were to be silver and black. The remaining red eagle medallions were used up by February 1952. Hopefully these rare grips will go on an early Ruger in need of them.



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