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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Allen Shooter's Carry All Range Bag

The Allen Shooter's Carry All Range Bag, available from Midway USA for $43.49 (and often found in Wal-Mart for a bit less) is an inexpensive, durable range bag that can hold a lot of gear. Click to enlarge
"Featuring 2 removable cases, this case is great for transporting your favorite handguns or use it for taking your glasses, muffs and ammo to the range. Contains external zippered pockets for smaller items. Made of heavy-duty canvas. Dimensions 13" Long x 9" Wide x 9" High."
The Allen range bag is available in green or black nylon canvas. A nylon sling handle encircles the entire bag to provide protection from a handle ripping off under the weight carried.

Underneath a center zippered flap resides a void waiting to be stuffed with ammunition, muffs, safety glasses and more. Click to enlargeInside a pocket on either side of the interior rests a fleece lined nylon handgun rugs. These rugs lack zippers, however, and are not usable independent of the bag.

I have carried as many as six full sized pistols (one on either side of the two pocketed gun rugs, and one inside each rug) in this bag, as well as a snubbie or a 22 pistol in a holster inside the center void with the ammunition. Shoot N See type targets also fit easily beside the gun rugs. On the exterior end of the Allen range bag is an open pocket. This pocket isn't good for much, but it can hold a snub nosed revolver, a point and shoot camera, or small paper targets.

Because of the number of handguns this bag can accommodate, I find myself using it frequently. I like the Allen bag when I am taking a neophyte shooter to the range. It allows me to carry two sets of muffs, two sets of safety glasses, along with an array of handguns and ammunition for the new shooter to try out, all in a compact, albeit heavy package. At least the bag weighs half as much on the way out of the range. Over the past six or seven years, it has stood up to steady abuse. It has never failed me.



Anonymous Barfinigate said...

Have a safe & happy New Year Xavier.Hope 2009 brings more informative posts from your blog. I find myself checking first thing every a.m. I am suddenly swamped with P&R'd S&Ws. My wife calls it "The Illness", Best Wishes.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous chenzzo said...

I have the same bag, and I love it. I keep weapon, ammo, muffs and plugs and a cleaning kit inside when I head to the range

12:45 AM  
Blogger XZED said...

I have this bag too. It was my primary bag for a while. The only thing I wish it had is a shoulder strap. Worse than that, it does not even have loops to attach a shoulder strap if I got one for it. Other than that its proved durable. But, I have finally upgraded to a bag with a removable shoulder strap. If I need to bring extra ammo, the Allen bag comes in handy to carry the extras.

7:02 PM  

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