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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A U.S. district court has halted a massive "scareware" scheme that falsely claims your computer is infected with viruses, spyware and illegal pornography, and then solicts you to purchase bogus removal products.

The FTC states over one million consumers were duped into paying for spurious and malicious programs that did absolutely nothing other than spy on their computer usage.

The fraudulent products involved are WinFixer, WinAntivirus, DriveCleaner, ErrorSafe, and XP Antivirus. If you have any of this crap on your computer, get rid of it.



Blogger Rabbit said...

Interesting you'd mention that. I've spent the afternoon scrubbing this and other crapware off a coworker's laptop. Had XP Antivirus somehow appear on the wife's computer last month, too.

heh. verification word: dramo. Yeah, it needed a good dose of salts, that's for sure. Gave it a stout purgative.


11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, is this thing on? Firefox, NoScript, problem solved. You will never even see these ads.

3:10 AM  

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