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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Browning Meme

Gunnies everywhere owe a toast to John Moses Browning, innovator and inventor of multiple firearms. The Expert Witness has proposed a meme for real firearms enthusiasts, collectors, acquisitors, and tinkerers. Copy the list. Embolden the firearms you own. Place an asterisk next to the firearms you once owned, but own no longer.

Single Shot Rifles:
Winchester 1885

Bolt-action Rifles:
Winchester 1900

Lever-action Rifles:
Winchester 1886
Winchester 1892
Winchester 1894
Winchester 1895

Slide-action Rifles:
Winchester 1890

Recoil-operated Semi-automatic Rifles:
Remington Model 8

Blowback-operated Semi-automatic Rifles:
*Browning .22 Semiauto

Double-barrel Shotguns:
Browning Superposed

Lever-action Shotguns:
Winchester 1887

Slide-action Shotguns:
Winchester 1897
*Remington Model 17 (later the Ithaca 37)
Stevens 520

Recoil-operated Semi-automatic Shotguns:
*Browning Auto 5 / Remington Model 11 (+ Rem 11-48 revision of same action)

Blowback-operated Semi-automatic Pistols:
FN M1900
Colt 1903/1908 Pocket Hammerless
FN 1906 Vest Pocket/Colt 1908 Vest Pocket
FN 1910
Colt Woodsman (Browning Buckmark is a direct descendant)

Recoil-operated Semi-automatic Pistols
Colt 1902
Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer
U.S. M1911
FN G.P. 35

Gas-operated Machine Guns:
Colt M1895
U.S. M1918 BAR

Recoil-Operated Machine Guns:
U.S. M1917/M1919
U.S. M2 Heavy Machine Gun

Automatic Machine Cannon:
Colt-Browning 37mm



Blogger Owen said...

Ah i am sadly lacking, However i've been trying to make it up by getting my wife to agree to name out first born John Moses Brown(ing). So far it's a no go but I'm still working on it.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous perpster said...

And don't forget the Brownie camera! Just kidding. The list is amazing.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Montie said...


Wow, I currently own at least one of each of five firearms on the list and previously owned another 3 types of firearms on that list.

what about the "Baby Browning" .25 ACP pistol (which is not on the list)? I think it was first marketed in 1905 by FN, and was also a Browning design.

11:25 PM  
Blogger nature223 said...

I own a Stevens 520 12 Gauge...finest,damn shot gun I ever have fired,it is scary accurate with slugs.
I also own two 1911(A1/A2)version 45's,John Moses Browning is THAT guy in firearms design.
I hold Him and his ideas in superior design,in the highest regard,he has some peers,but no equals.
in that,I find no one has matched him for sheer ingenuity,and outside the box thinking,the basis for most current pistols are based on his delayed locking system.
God Bless JMB,and the lives he saved through His diligence..we will never know the count

1:48 AM  
Blogger the pawnbroker said...

well, it's a badass collector that owns anything from those last three categories, but other than that:

i own(ed) every one of them, most in multiples. of course, that's in thirty years of very active dealer licensure...they were in my boundbook waiting for their (other) owners to redeem them or purchase them. does that count?

man, i wish i had kept copies of those log books, but at the time of course, it doesn't occur to you; the originals get turned in to atf along with mountains of 4473's when you relenquish your license.


7:33 AM  
Blogger kbarrett said...

Yep ... need to colect 'em all.

That last one's going to be difficult. I can handle the paperwork ... just finding ones gonna be tough.

4:02 PM  

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