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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gun Show Morning

Gun show this morning...... I am taking my newest SW1911 and my Browning Auto 22 as trade fodder. I usually go in without any particular plan to buy anything nowadays. I just take a couple of trade items and some cash and am receptive to what seems interesting.

I'm always in the market for a M1911 at a fair price, or a vintage concealed carry gun at the right price. The guns that have been modified or show use appeal to me. If I can find a flat latch Model 38 or Model 49, I will be a happy camper. If the trader will accept a Browning 22 rifle for his Bodyguard, I will be ecstatic. I would also be happy to find a 1911 with a Colt, Kimber, Wilson, or Marvel 22 top end conversion. If the trader would be willing to swap it for a SW1911, I will have one more 22 caliber handgun.

I guess I should review my gun show rules, get some breakfast and load up the Jeep.



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