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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Gun Nuts Radio with Gordon Hutchinson

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to my friend Gordon Hutchinson, author of The Great New Orleans Gun Grab on Gun Nuts Radio tonight.

The New Orleans confiscations occurred in 2005, three and a half years ago. These illegal actions by law enforcement were the impetus of my own blog. It is with sadness and discouragement that I realize that so many people three years later, even among gun owners, are still ignorant of or want to deny what took place immediately after Katrina, and is still taking place in and around New Orleans. Illegal gun confiscations by NOPD and surrounding law enforcement is an almost institutionalized practice. When gun owners themselves remain ambivalent because it is not happening to them, we are weakened as a whole.

If you are not familiar with the confiscations of New Orleans, give the show a listen. Then order Gordo's book. If you are really cheap, just follow the labels and links on my blog. It happened. It will happen again and again if we let it. The choice is ours. Remember New Orleans!

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Blogger El Sid said...

I remember when that happened, I wrote a "strongly worded" letter to the Governor when it happenen. BTW, do you do any USR with your dogs?

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Mr.Potato said...

I guess when you can't depend on the police (liberal or not) to protect you then the best thing is to bury your guns and heavy valuables and get the hell out of dodge before the looters come. But situations arose where people were prevented to leave N.O. on their own. I am glad I did not have to be there to solve this nightmare.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Mr.Potato said...

a fascinating story. Here from one of the Amazon reviewers:

"One of the most disturbing parts of the book is the epilogue. The attempt by the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation to stop the confiscations and get the illegally seized guns returned to their owners is called "The Second Battle of New Orleans." The authors recount how lawyers for New Orleans first denied in federal court that the city had any seized firearms. After delaying and obfuscating for months, they admitted having more than 1,000 guns but when revealed most were rusted beyond repair. Nearly three years later most of the firearms have not been returned to their owners. "

I think one of the most important battles or laws that need to be passed is the prohibition of DELAYING tactics on the side of Law Enforcement and the accountibility for such actions.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Pardon my ignorance, but I don't know what to do to keep this from happening again. I do remember New Orleans. I am aware of what happened. It can happen today where any of us live. What can I do to stop it? I did my best to elect people who won't allow it to happen again. The sheeple outnumbered me. So now what? Becoming a gadfly doesn't seem like an effective approach to me.

I don't mean to be belligerent. I honestly want to know.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF am i supposed to do about it?

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What to do about it is what everyone said they'd do about it "When it comes to police and military are going door to door to take their guns."

The police and National Guard (essentially, the U.S. Army. Federal troops ultimately under Federal control) took their guns.

They failed.

8:49 PM  

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