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Monday, March 23, 2009

Night Ride

I took my Raleigh Passage out tonight to blow some of the winter dust off of it. I guess I'm crazy, but I really prefer the ride and handling of my other bikes, the ones I built from scratch, to the bike store polished Passage. There is no doubt that the comfort bike is smooth. It rides like a dream. The chain shifts cogs quickly and effortlessly. I guess I don't really like the posture I must assume on it.

As I rode, I thought about an email I received from Austin Haley's mother, Renee. I will cut and paste her update here.
"Since the horrible tragedy, we now have another son--Gabriel Jeremiah Haley. He is now 9 months old....our precious little miracle.

We are so blessed that Austin's name and story has still not been forgotten....even one year and seven months later. A third year college student, Chris Rogerson, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sent us a letter a couple of weeks ago. In the letter, he stated that he wrote a music piece that will be played in an Orchestra on March 31, 2009. He titled it "Noble Pond." He invited us to Pennsylvania to listen to the college orchestra play the piece at that time. We feel honored and blessed that Austin is still being remembered.

We still live and relive what happened on August 3, 2007. Austin is still so dearly loved and missed beyond what words could possibly say. We are thankful, though, Austin's story is used in very important ways. For example, OMAG, an insurance company for many police stations in the state of Oklahoma, created a police training video in memory of our precious Austin. On the video, they had interviewed Jack and I to explain what happened. We appreciate this video being made, and hopefully it will encourage individuals to "think" before shooting, and know what is behind their target.

Jack and I often read comments made on the blogs, and we appreciate those of you who are still thinking about and praying for our family. We cope with the grief only through the grace of God. We are also in the process of writing a book that will hopefully one day be published. We pray the memory of Austin will live on forever, so Dalton, now 4 years old, and Gabriel, 10 months, will know who their big brother truly was....truly the best big brother they could have ever had!"
I can not imagine the inescapable grief and anguish of losing a child, especially to the errors of others. I can only admire the resolve and the faith of the Haley family. Thank you Renee.

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