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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Portrait Mosaic

For those readers who have been missing my gun posts, and for those who have been enjoying my photography posts, here is a bit of what I have been working on.

1. Nikon F

2. Portrait

3. Red for Burma

4. Alvin

5. L.J. "Boots" Hinton

6. Cowboy in the City

7. William

8. One More Round

9. Duff

Go to the links, give me some views. If you are a member on flickr, hit me as a contact. I'll be back to guns soon....... I appreciate your patience.




Blogger James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Guns? We don't need no guns. We don't need no steeking guns!

Just keeding ya ...

Guns or roses, it's always a pleasure to be here.

10:23 PM  
OpenID reflectoscope said...

I'm willing to wait for your writing, be it guns, photography, work, or whatever else wants out.


10:53 PM  
Blogger daddymax said...

For the past few years I have made your site a daily stop on my internet route. I have taken a lot of information from your posts and am the richer for it. I thought you might enjoy this blog that is also a regular stop for me.
Enjoy some great views of Warren County, Mississippi.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Glen said...

My wife is a pro photog, so the photo stuff is somewhat interesting to me, but even better, it gives me a chance to share gun truth with her because you have touched her interest, thanks Xavier...

I am here for the guns though, your gun ritin if very good.

12:42 PM  

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