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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three Stories

DAYTON, Ohio -- Police said a man acted in self-defense on Saturday when he shot a 24-year-old who tried to rob him at gunpoint.

"Little did this kid know that this 72-year-old man was a licensed CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) carrier and he produced his own firearm and defended himself because he was in fear of his life," said Sgt. John Sullivan of the Dayton Police Department.

Sullivan said the 24-year-old cut in front of the 72-year-old in the area of Brooklyn Avenue in Dayton. He said the 24-year-old got out of his vehicle with an assault rifle, pointed it at the 72-year-old and tried to rob him.

That's when the 72-year-old pulled out his weapon and shot the robber twice, once in the abdomen and once in the arm. The robber is expected to survive his injuries.

Police didn't expect to file charges against the 72-year-old. They said the attempted robber would face a charge of aggravated robbery.

McDonald, Pa. -- Police said three men who forced their way into a Washington County home were greeted by a homeowner with a shotgun. “It’s not a very nice thing to happen in McDonald, because McDonald is a very quiet town,” said neighbor, Don Feigley.

Police said the homeowner, Joseph Tokarksi, who was one of several people in the house, came down the steps with the weapon in his hand. “I’m prepared to do what I have to do to protect my home and my family,” said Toarski.

“I’m all for that. I think anybody should be allowed to defend themselves in their homes and defend their neighbors, if they want to,” said Feigley. Police later caught two suspects whom they indentified as 19-year-old David Carlisle, of Cannonsburg, and 20-year-old Jermell McCullough, of Mt. Pleasant. Both are being held in the Washington County Jail, each on $50,000 bond. McDonald police are still looking for the third suspect.

INDIANOLA, Ill. - Police say an eastern Illinois man shot two people to death after they forced their way into his home and tried to rob him.

Vermilion County Sheriff Pat Hartshorn says the two masked men held the homeowner on the floor at gunpoint Monday night and choked him while demanding money. The sheriff says the alleged robbers were 22 and 17 but didn't identify them or the homeowner.

Hartshorn says the men let the homeowner go when his wife said she had expensive jewelry upstairs. While the men focused on a jewelry box, the homeowner grabbed a handgun and shot them.

Hartshorn says another 17-year-old waited in a pickup outside. He drove away but was arrested a short time later. Indianola is about 10 miles southwest of Danville.
It seems I am seeing more of these types of stories these days. I'm not certain why the media is increasing coverage of what has always been the case. Contrast these stories to this one from three years ago.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

“It’s not a very nice thing to happen in McDonald, because McDonald is a very quiet town,” said neighbor, Don Feigley.

Kind of makes me wonder where it is a nice thing to do.

5:33 AM  
OpenID reflectoscope said...

I'm happy if deterrence is effective, and content to do what is necessary if it isn't. The more stories like these make the news, the better.


1:40 PM  
Blogger chumgrinder said...

"Home invasions" are nothing more than a new term for what used to be called "hot burglaries." Hot burglaries were always much rarer in the US than in other "civilized" countries because the burglars in those other countries could almost be assured that the homeowners were unarmed, whereas in the US they had to assume the opposite. I'm not sure how the timing works out, but it could be proposed that the snowballing successes of the gun-ban lobby between 1968 and the peak of their power during the Clinton years might have encouraged a corresponding surge in home invasions, as burglars had increasing reason to assume that their targets were unarmed (especially in certain states and cities), though in the past ten years or so they are belatedly finding out that the risks have swung the other way once again.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Matt G said...

I PROMISE you that the story from Dayton, OH will be reported as "an armed squabble that occured after the one driver cut another driver off, tragically ending in gunfire-- another case of road rage and armed drivers causing more and more dangers on American roadways."

11:39 AM  

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