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Monday, October 19, 2009

What is Xavier Reading?

"Visual Poetry: A Creative Guide for Making Engaging Digital Photographs" by Chris Orwig is an excellent read, although the author can get a bit verbose. The author makes good points though, and he wants his reader to understand and appreciate them. That can lead to tedious nit picking. Visual Poetry never reaches that level.

The concepts Orwig discusses are often lost on those who believe good photography comes from equipment. In fact, good photography no more comes from the latest and greatest Nikon than great paintings came from Rembrandt's brushes. The masterpieces came from the master's mind and soul, not his equipment. These are the ideas that Orwig harnesses and unveils in this work.

The creative process is a mystery to many people who have never studied the arts or investigated the artistic mind. Digital cameras have brought photography out of the darkroom and into the lap of anyone with a computer. Still, the snapshots many people take are just as common as those thirty years ago. "Visual Poetry" can give the uninitiated amateur photographer the first look, and a decisive look, into the creative process of making captivating images. After all, it is the photographer who must be developed, not just the image.

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Anonymous Will said...

Taking a course in photography is recommended, in addition to reading books on the subject. Getting the perspective of experts in the field should help most (some?) people move from taking "snapshots" to creating photos. Looks like a good book.

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