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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pawn Shop Circuit: Three Franklins

I was out taking some photographs this afternoon when I found myself near Neil's pawn shop. "Where have you been?" he asked jovially as the bell on the door handle announced my entrance. He put his newspaper down and met me at the gun counter. "I've been wondering who would come in and buy that one," he smiled as he pointed to a Model 10.

The revolver was in good shape. It was a Model 10-2, and everything was correct except for the grips. The 10-2 is a difficult Model 10 to find. It was only manufactured in 1961. Model 10-2I do not own one. I looked the revolver over, and it checked out good. I asked Neil the price. "Two-ninety-nine," he replied, placing his hands on the counter, his cigar clamped between his fingers.

"Damn Neil, that's a lot. I'll have to sleep on that a bit. How firm are you?"

"I just took it out of hock this morning. That's what they go for now," Neil replied, taking a puff on his stogie. "Kid, you must have a bird dog nose for Smith & Wesson. Not a Smith in my case for months, and you walk in on the day I pull this 'un out."

We chatted a bit more, and I handed the old wheelgun back to Neil. In the parking lot, I pulled my pawn and gun show price journal from between the seats of my vehicle. In it I record the prices of guns I purchase, look at, and am interested in. Even if I do not buy the gun, I record the price. My journal helps me keep a finger on the pulse of what particular guns sell for in my area. I recorded this revolver, and I looked back to March of 2009, and saw that Kenny had a Model 10 snubbie for $319. The last Model 10 I purchased was was a nickel 10-8 from Neil for $239. But I clearly recall not too long ago, when a used Model 10 priced over $200 would clearly show the seller was smoking something, and it wasn't La Palomas.

I already own several Model 10 revolvers with four inch barrels, as well as several M&Ps, and a couple of Model 10 snubbies. I really don't need a revolver simply because it has a particular number stamped on the frame. I did sleep on it though. I closed my eyes for a second at a red light. Perhaps Neil's prices had caught up with the market. Perhaps I am behind the times. Maybe it's the Obamanation. It doesn't matter, really. I just know that three Franklins will buy a lot of 45ACP.

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Anonymous Sans Authoritas said...

I really need to make a shopping trip in Louisiana. (Statutorially transferred, of course.)

I hope you really have an appreciation for the prices you enjoy.

-Sans Authoritas

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Jordan said...

My roommate purchased a used Model 10 (unknown on the designation)a few months ago for $270. Seems I can find few shoot-able bargain guns these days for anything less than $300.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Mark Horning said...

Personally I think that's a bit high for a Model 10. At the last big gun show here I saw plenty of them priced between $250-275.
Addmitedly, I was not paying attention to the exact dash-number. And even if a little high, not outrageously so.

At least out here, revolver prices are down. The great "Obamamania" was driving high cap autoloaders up,, which drove wheel gun prices down.

N frames are still going up of course, but that's a different market generally. Same with snubs.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Tam said...

Three bills for a Model 10? Nah.

Three bills for a pre-Bangor Punta Model 10 in nice shape? More tempting.

But, like you, I've got more fixed sight K's than I can shoot already. It'd need to be a pretty darn good deal to get me to jump on it. These days, it needs to be pre-Model Number to get my pulse rate much above resting, anyway.

7:15 AM  

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