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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Smith & Wesson 67-1 Resurrection

First bought A couple of weeks ago, I found this S&W specimen on a pawn shop shelf for $179. It had some corrosion on the hammer and trigger, and was pretty dirty overall. My favorite revolver is a K38 Combat Masterpiece though, so for $179 it seemed worth picking up. This wheelgun was found to be reliable and accurate, but a rough example from the Bangor Punta era. The aftermarket grips on the gun felt good, but were ugly as sin.

S&W Model 67-1 I was unsuccessful at removing the black corrosion from the hammer, so I bobbed it. The original hammer and trigger are flash chromed, so I had to consider refinishing my work afterwards. Other work at this point includes a reshaping of the triggerguard, radiusing the front of the cylinder, cleaning up the lines of the gun, and overall polishing. A set of Magna grips was fitted.

Finished Finally, rather than sending the hammer and trigger to an outfit like Fords for a hardchroming, I came across a NOS case hardened target trigger and hammer. I prefer the wider trigger anyway, so the set was purchased and fitted to the 67-1. The case hardening is not exactly correct, but it is evocative of the nickel guns of days gone by. The new grip is a nylon Hogue Monogrip. Future plans include serrating the topstrap beside the rear sight, and slicking up the action with another thousand dry fires.

With the next hard chrome job I farm out, I'll send my bobbed hammer. Then if I ever find a snubby Model 10, I'll have the hammer ready.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job zave!

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice job. Your work on this pushed me over to buying a 67 instead of a 66.

I have Hogues ordered for mine as well.

9:08 PM  

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