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Monday, September 18, 2006

More 1911 Meditations

There is a gunstore on the way home from work. I seldom stop there, the deals are few, and the atmosphere is challenging. The selection is usually pedestrian, although I have purchased a couple of guns there in the past. Today, leaving work, I guess I was just wanting to take a look and confirm I did not have to check again for a few months.

The sonofabitches had a Colt WW1 Repro on the shelves. I suppose it is fate that I acquire a Colt WW1 Repro at some time, although I was hoping to purchase mine used, (fat chance of that). I want a 1911, a real 1911, not a 1911A1 in my collection. For quite some time, I have been hoping to come across a M1911 for a decent price. The truth is, however, I want one I can shoot. Shooting a historical relic, while fun, does decrease the value, and it risks damage to the piece. Over the past year, I have seen two M1911s up for grabs. One was a refinished X serialed lunchbox special of dubious lineage for $1500. The other was a correct Colt M1911 with frontstrap wear for $2500. Frankly, both were too rich for my pockets. This Colt 1911 Repro is on the shelves for $1035, about a hundred more than I want to pay. Still, if I could work a few swaps.......You always lose money on swaps.........Maybe I'll put a couple of those .40S&W pistols up on consignment and place the Colt on layaway..........

The Gun Blast Report

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Blogger Mulliga said...

Never shot one, but fondled one. And after reading the Gunblast.com review, it seems like it's hard to beat if you want an M1911 clone. I do wish they found a way to put in the original style extractor, of course. But then again, good old-fashioned spring steel is getting harder and harder to find in today's 1911s...

11:17 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

How do you estimate the value of an original 1911? I have my father-in-law's, manufactured in 1917 according to the serial number. I'd say (and I'm not an appraiser nor do I play one on TV) that it's about 80%. The walnut diamond grips are worn with use, the slide has some pitting, but it still works beautifully with hardball. I'm curious as to what it's really worth.

9:12 AM  

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