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Monday, May 18, 2009

Safety Instruction

"A 26-year-old Phoenix man accidentally killed himself early Sunday morning while explaining gun safety to two Sierra Vista residents.
Samuel Benally Jr. was at an apartment on West Tacoma Street when he said people should keep their guns unloaded because someone could point it at their heads, said Sierra Vista police Sgt. Brett Mitchell.

Benally then demonstrated by putting his own .9 mm Rueger [sic], which he believed to be unloaded, to his head and firing it, Mitchell said."
Gun safety can not be learned from those who know nothing about it. Unless they teach their pupils the hard way.

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Blogger MauserMedic said...

Ah, the .9mm Reuger proprietary round. Perhaps this could be the next Army service round, in our search to make ever smaller hypersonic pistol rounds?

10:56 PM  
Blogger Z@X said...

I can't lose the link to this; most people won't believe me when I tell them about this.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am almost inclined to think the guy was committing suicide - he just didn't voice his intentions about it. That would be odd indeed, but how much more odd can you get than putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger after telling people exactly why one shouldn't do that.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

I suppose his captive audience will NOT EVER forget rule #1...

6:02 AM  
Blogger David aka True Blue Sam said...

"I spent a fascinating evening with the Topperweins. It was just luck that I caught Ad at home, for he was on the road most of the time. If he liked you, he’d talk guns all night. And Plinky was emotional—loved everything almost to heartbreak. We sat for hours in their den, which was a remarkable, helter-skelter, gun-infested room. There were guns everywhere—in cabinets, hung on the walls, standing in corners. And from under the couch Ad would pull suitcase after suitcase, each one full of six-shooters; there must have been scores of them. He took special ones out and fondled them, always looking to see if they were loaded. He said he had found cartridges many times in guns that he absolutely knew were not loaded.

And that brings up what was, to me, the most amazing thing about this couple’s long career as professional crack shots. In forty years of almost daily shooting, they had never had any kind of accident. Never a split barrel, never a stray shot hitting anybody, never any kind of accident at all." From Ernie Pyle's visit with Ad Topperwein and Plinky in "Home Country."

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Mr. potato said...

I'd say he made a very convincing presentation.,of the fact you never know whether a gun is unloaded.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to violate all four rules in one easy step. The shame of this is that the two he was instructing are probably going to have a hard time around firearms now.


6:58 AM  
Blogger B.S. philosopher said...

Clorox, now for the gene pool...

7:25 AM  
Anonymous 2yellowdogs said...

And another Darwin Award winner is enshrined as the gene pool is improved. Too bad the moron had to make responsible gun owners look bad by association.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous HankH said...

Definitely a leading candidate for top honors at the Darwin awards....
or as my Uncle Ed used to say: "boy, that's dumber than dirt"


9:32 AM  
Blogger Assrot said...

Can't say much about this. Very sad but also a very stupid act. He paid with his life.

I have known the 4 rules for as long as I can remember. I make it a point to live by them even if someone else says "It's not loaded."

Guns are a tool, not a toy. You can kill yourself with most tools if your dumb enough.


10:33 AM  
Blogger tom said...

He's still behind last week's "49 year old female construction worker kills self in driveway attempting to use a jackhammer as a sex toy" in my esteem on the Darwin list.

Shooting yourself in the head thinking A: the gun isn't loaded or B: Because one doesn't have an understanding that point blank blanks to the head are usually fatal have both been done to death. At least construction worker woman added some novelty to self-destruction.

I'm sure now there will be a lawsuit about magazine disconnects and loaded chamber indicators, that, if it was a modern Ruger, it most likely had...jackhammers will soon come with a disclaimer that they are not to be used as sex toys in the owner's manuals...and so it goes.

Jaysus, if you look at a modern Ruger it's amazing how much they often actually have stamped in the very steel of the gun about gun safety, before you even get to the manual.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Vinnie said...

Talk about going the extra mile to make a point!

6:35 PM  

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