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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Another Gold Cup?

I went to the range to shoot a bit and blow off some frustration this afternoon. They had a Colt Gold Cup National Match in the display case. It was a Series 80, and had a price of $799 on it. The grips had been swapped out, and it had a Chip McCormick Shooting Star magazine. It also had a Mueschke ambi safety, which I do not care for. It appeared to have maybe 100 rounds on it, as though someone had bought the pistol, installed the ambi safety, and let it sit. The best part is I can shoot it before I buy it.

I already have a Gold Cup National Match that was modified at Gunsite. It sports a hard chrome job from Tripps. This has always been one of my favorite Colts. So, I'm asking myself if I really need another one......... I do have guns in the safe that don't get shot much......I could trade in several lesser guns for another Gold Cup and I'll have more room in the safe.........That could prevent me from having to buy another safe....... Hell, this next Gold Cup could be saving me quite a bit of money if I traded for it! I wonder if they will take $600 out the door..........


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to find a 12-step program. :)

4:57 PM  
Anonymous chaos said...

Wondering if you need another one?

OF COURSE you need another one...

don't mind me..

12:51 AM  

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