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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Bit Rich for Me!

Here it is, the perfect gift for your favorite Smith & Wesson collector on ebay. Current bid: US $511.00 That's right, five hundred eleven dollars and rising! From the seller's description:
This is an Original Smith & Wesson Registered Pre War 357 Magnum pair of grips. I would still rate these grips in Excellent condition. They are factory take off grips made of wood. The checkering is very clean and sharp. Emblems are large S&W, with the large back-up insert on the inside of the grip. it reads (SMITH & WESSON U.S.PAT. 2081438).

I know I'm not supposed to speak such heresy, but Damn! I could buy two or three Model 28s for what these puppies are going to sell for! This, folks, is the difference between the collector and the accumulator!

Update: The final price........US $592.00



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