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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Highway Patrolman Range Report

The Smith & Wesson Model 28 is in many ways the working class step child of the N frame Smith family. The whole reason for the Model 28's existence is the elegance and beauty of it's brother, the Model 27. The Model 27, introduced in 1948, is often called Smith & Wesson's Mona Lisa, a true masterpiece of polished and blued steel with ornate checkering. Police departments loved everything about the Model 27......except the price. Five and a half years later, Smith & Wesson released the Model 28. The Model 28 is everything the Model 27 is, without the costly polishing and expensive checkering.

I found a cherry Model 28-2 for a very reasonable price in a pawn shop. I own a mint Model 27-2, that shoots like a dream, but like those police departments, I just can't see banging a gun that pretty around. I bought the Model 28-2 without hesitation. This afternoon I took it out for a brief shooting.

I did not have any .357 magnum ammo, so I shot 130 grain .38 special Winchester White Box. The gun grouped consistently. The sights were a little off, but nothing that can not be adjusted out later. I could not really wring it out today due to other committments; I just stopped by my local indoor range to run a box of ammo through it. I was extremely pleased. The serial number of this gun is N77XX, which places it at 1969. For 36 years somebody somewhere has been missing out with this gun. It's a keeper!

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Anonymous Suz said...

Nice concise report Zave! thanks!


2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought my 28 in 1981, only realized of late that it had been discontinued. How sad. It's a handful and has some free intimidation factor thrown in for free. If you run out of ammo you could always throw it at them and knock somebody down. If you reload you are in for a treat with 12.8 grn of Blue Dot with Speer's 146 grn Half jacket HP. 41 Magnum power safely fired from this N frame. 3/20/07 JCR

8:43 PM  
Blogger H. Paul Honsinger, Attorney at Law said...

I purchased my 28-2 a few years ago in a gun shop in Bullhead City, Arizona. I love it, even though a .45 auto is my usual carry gun. The Highway Patrolman is within easy reach from my bed at all times. Serial number is N114XX. Where does one go to verify the manufacture date?

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have owned a model 28 for the last 23 years. It was my first handgun and I still love it as much as the day I got it. Fire any ammo from wad cutters to mags and you look like a pro. Anyone considering one should definately pick one up should you come across it.
11/28/09 NL

9:46 PM  

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