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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lone Star Steakhouse

Over the weekend, my wife and took a couple of friends out to eat. We chose the Lone Star Steakhouse, because we had always been pleased with the service there.
This time, we were disappointed, to say the least. The two ladies wanted to order bourbon marinated salmon. Our waitress informed us there was only enough salmon available for one meal. My friend ordered fettucini alfredo, but was told he would have to accept a sweet potato to go with it instead of a salad. I kept it simple. A cajun steak with a baked potato. After a trip to the kitchen, our waitress came back to inform us a salmon had arrived and there was now enough available for both ladies. Thus I forgot what my wife had ordered as a replacement.
Our waitress brought us bread with no silverware or plates to eat it on. She never refilled our drinks. My wife's salmon arrived at our table 17 minutes after everyone else's food. When it did arrive, it was not prepared properly. Our waitress had screw you attitude throughout the entire evening.
When it came time to pay the check, I left the table to pay at the bar. I was told that our server would handle it. I informed the manager that I no longer wanted to tolerate our server, and I desired to pay her instead. I explained what had happened. The manager took two meals off our check, and asked me to come back in the future for a complimemntary meal for my wife and I, so her staff could show us what they were capable of.
That friends, is how a real manager handles a bad situation with a customer, unlike what took place at Bennigans a month and a half ago. Oh, the District Manager of Bennigans did contact me, all apologetic, and promised to send coupons for free meals and such. Those never arrived. We shall see if the manager at Lone Star makes good. She said all she had to do was write down my name in a ledger. We shall give them another chance.



Blogger Zendo Deb said...

I hope the "screw you server" was let go.

There is no excuse for this kind of thing.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous freddyboomboom said...

Yeah, that's pretty bad, but I think the manager did ok...

For a look on the other side of the table, that is well written, check out The Waiter Rant...

11:38 PM  
Blogger shooter said...

Had that happen at a TGIFridays...once. The manager was nice enough to let us walk on the check, too.

4:49 PM  

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