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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Smith & Wesson Air Pistol on ebay

There is a Smith & Wesson 78G air pistol which mimics the Model 41 up for bids on ebay at present. It looks to be a nice package with a starting bid of US $199. Buy it now price: US $359.

"Mint in box .22 cal vintage late 70's air pistol complete with all manuals, original S&W brand CO2 cartridges and original S&W brand tin of .22 cal lead pellets. Styled to look like an original Smith & Wesson Model 41 or Model 46 target gun. Box a bit battered but complete. These are quite rare in this condition. Sold as a collector's item only."
Does that mean it's broke?



Anonymous Jeff Soyer said...

Interesting, I always thought eBay wouldn't allow anything resembling a gun to be sold.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Xavier said...

I thought so too, but then saw all the airsoft guns up for bids......

11:19 AM  
Blogger AlanDP said...

No, that does not mean it's broken. The "collector's item" disclaimer is a standard trick by experienced Ebayers to sidestep the Ebay ban against certain things. Sometimes it works. For example, aged, tinned pipe tobacco is often sold on ebay, even though selling tobacco is forbidden on ebay. This is because it is sold for the collectible value of the tin itself, not for the contents. That is their story anyway, and so far ebay has allowed it to go on unfettered.

Whether it will work for an air gun or not is another story. It probably depends on which one of the ebay cops notice it, or if they notice it at all.

During the cap restriction on magazines, lots of 15-round 9mm mags were being sold, even though it was illegal--or against ebay rules anyway. They did this by calling them 10-rounders in the item title, but then saying they were "standard full capacity magazines" or some such in the description. Gunnies knew what they meant, and ebay never noticed what was going on.

6:33 PM  

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