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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stupid Grandson

Original Authentic GI WWI Colt 1911 grips
These grips are off of my grandfathers Colt 1911 from World War 1. The actual pistol dates from 1917 according to the serial number and says "model of 1911 U.S. Army" on the slide and "United States Property" on the frame. These grips show wear and are not "mint". However, they are authentic and off of a government issue Colt 1911 from 1917. Please review photos for an idea of their condition. Please add $5 for insured shipping to anywhere in the United States (no international bids please). Paypal or Money Order only. Good luck!

Current bid: US $77.00

I have a feeling there will be some seller's remorse at some point down the road. This has to be one of the dumbest, saddest things I've seen all week, obviously inspired by this auction.

Winning bid on Grandpa's grips: US $162.50



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mercenary firkin' bastiches.

Makes you want to hunt them down and beat them to a bloody pulp with a large blunt object...

Posting this anonymously 'cause one of 'em is in the state where I live, and I don't want to be a suspect...

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Jay G said...

Bid's up to $260 now.

We don't know the whole story. When my grandfather passed away, I inherited two gun cabinets full of guns, as well as several DOZEN boxes of random stuff my grandfather had amassed over the years. Some of it is absolutely priceless and will only leave my possession when life exits my body.

But some of it was just miscellaneous garf my grandfather had lying around. It meant nothing to him, and it means nothing to me.

Now, granted, "off my grandfather's Colt" sure sounds like it meant something to this guy's grandfather. But for all we know his grandfather could have collected WWI Colts, and this set of grips came off the most beaten gun in the collection.

Just my $0.02 from someone who has been in the position of inheriting stuff.

NOTE: I have not, nor do I ever intend to, sell anything.

7:46 AM  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

I agree and have passed through those gates with Jay, and I won't sell nuthing - but I also made for damn sure to restore some stuff - the Krag anyhow.

6:51 PM  

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