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Saturday, February 04, 2006

International Day of Anger

Sheikh Yussef al-Qaradawi, an impotent Islamic cleric hate monger has called for an "International Day of Anger" today over publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Danes are expecting car and suicide bombings in Europe at any time.

Well, Yussef, I hope this picture of your silly Mohammed really gets you pissed off. I hope the knowledge that it is being printed on toilet paper as you read this, to be sold worldwide boils your blood. It's dumbasses like you with your international anger day that has made your religion a joke around the world. Your followers demonstrate every day that they are morons as they blow themselves to smithereens for a defunct cult.

Do you think you have come up with something new? Do you think your followers have not been angry? Are we to suppose they are chopping heads off innocent victims and hanging charred corpses from bridges because they are estatic?

Guess what Yussef, Americans are having quite a few International Days of Anger. We are likely to continue to have international days of anger until asshats like yourself are exterminated.

Muslims need to realize that you have as much relevance in their lives as Benny Hinn has in the Christian religion. Only when ignorant Muslims stop following hate mongers and charlatans can their religion ever gain back the respect it once enjoyed. Until then, I will use Mohammed toilet tissue, and I hope you get so damned angry you have a cerebral vascular accident.

Another Update
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