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Monday, July 10, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Hocked Smiths

I went by Kenny's first this afternoon. Kenny had sold his M&P that was a tad high for me. I wondered if he got $275 for it, but I did not ask, and he did not volunteer the information. Instead, he asked me how the nickel Model 10 had turned out. I told him I was pleased with it, that it had cleaned up really nicely, and I was considering using it as a carry gun. Kenny was pleased with that. Then he told me that a customer had brought in another nickel Smith this morning. I tried not to lick my lips in anticipation of the pawn ticket running out. Kenny realized his mistake in telling me what was in the back, and I could get no further information. Kenny had a couple of cheap semi-autos, but that was it.

I drove on to Dave's shop. Dave's shelves were bare. He pulled an old single shot bolt action Remington .22 rifle off the rack to show me. As I was inspecting the rifle, a gentleman brought in an old revolver to pawn with Dave. I saw that it was an old M&P with a round butt. The grips appeared to be of a later vintage, as they were magnas and did not jive with the mushroom shaped pre-1930 ejector knob. Still, it was a nice old M&P. I did not get to see what Dave gave for it, but it looked like three twenties.

I moved on to Neil's place. Neil had sold his Beretta Tomcat, and had added a Taurus P111 and a Heritage Rough Rider revolver. I was not interested in either, so I asked him if he had any Smiths. He just smiled inscrutably.



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